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Klaipėdos apylinkės teismas


After Klaipėda city had been liberated on 28/01/1945 from Hitler’s occupation, Klaipėda People’s Court also began to work.

On 1946, Klaipėda City Ist and District IInd People’s Courts were established.

On 1947, Klaipėda District IIIrd People’s Court and, on 1951, IVth District People’s Court was established.

On 1957, in Klaipėda city, the Vth District People’s Court also began working.

By the order of the Presidium of the LSSR Supreme Council 1958.VIII.5 “On the merger of People’s Courts in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys cities”. Klaipėda City I, II, III, IV and V Districts People’s Courts, from the 1st of April, 1959, were joined into one Klaipėda City People’s Court.

On 1990, after the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania, an all-encompassing reform of court powers was immediately started to plan and develop, which, in essence, was implemented from the 1st of January, 1995, even if the first attempt to reform the system was already made on the 6th of February, 1992, after the Law of the Courts of the Republic of Lithuania had been passed. A four link Lithuania’s court’s system that was comprised of District Courts, Prosecutor’s Offices, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court was provided in article 1 of this Law. The four link court system was also approved by the referendum of the nationals of Lithuania of the 25th of October, 1992, in which the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania was passed.

Klaipėda District Court is an ordinary court that examines Civil and Criminal cases and the cases of administrative offences that have been appointed by the law in accordance with the competence. Also, in cases that are provided for in the law, the District Court judges perform the functions of a pre-trial investigation judge and other functions that have been appointed by the law in accordance with the competence.